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Bringing with expectation

Le 23 December 2016, 08:42 dans Humeurs 0


it becomes a bit hard for me to remember everything about myself at the first day of my college life. However, there was one thing for sure that I did feel quite excited and curious about my university. There is no doubt that students like me have struggled for a long time so that can be permitted to enter the university.
I got into Zhejiang Gongshang University. Generally speaking, it's an interesting and fantastic place for us to study and live in. Every day a series of outgoing people get into my eyesight. Curious and out of politeness, I'd talk to them heart to heart. Here I make friends with my new classmates from everywhere around China. What's more, time and weather permitting, I will enjoy jogging or playing basketball with my classmates on the playground, tired but happy. When staying in dormitory, I choose to read news online and sometimes watch a film for relaxing. However, a good student can never leave his study behind. When it comes to study, hard problems never upset me, instead they arouse me. Rather than ignoring it, I'd think carefully for a while and ask my classmates for help.

To be honest, there are some things I don’t deal with properly. For instance, once I spent nearly a whole day playing computer games. Personally, we university students are already adults and it's our obligation to develop ourselves in college by learning new professional skills. Not until we take a right attitude towards our study and life can we win a rich and colorful experience in college.

My figures fail to tell me

Le 29 August 2016, 06:25 dans Humeurs 0


The feet of people walking home
With gayer sandals go --
The Crocus -- til she rises
The Vassal of the snow --
The lips at Hallelujah
Long years of practise bore
Til bye and bye these Bargemen
Walked singing on the shore.

Pearls are the Diver's farthings
ExtortedMassage Chairfrom mercedes price listthe Sea --
Pinions -- the Seraph's wagon
Pedestrian once -- as we --
Night is the morning's Canvas
Larceny -- legacy --
Death, but our rapt attention
To Immortality.

How far the Village lies --
Whose peasants are the Angels --
Whose Cantons dot the skies --
My Fractional co2 Laser Classics veil their faces --
My faith that Dark adores --
Which from its solemn abbeys
Such ressurection pours.

vegetable spiralizing bandwagon

Le 15 April 2016, 06:48 dans Humeurs 0

Remember back in November (?), I made a whole bunch of meatballs to freeze? Well, let me tell ya, it was so worth it! Even though I had my mom here helping with my newborn and cooking for us, we had those days we didn’t have much time to cook dinner. And these meatballs were there ready to be cooked. Such a life-saver, Massage Chairok maybe just a dinner-saver!

Besides making this hearty meatballs in mushroom gravy, we also enjoyed this delicious light and nutritious vegetable meatball soup. I say it’s nutritious, because 1. the soup is made from scratch, 2. it’s loaded with variety of vegetables. And instead of noodles, I made zoodles! Have you jumped on this new vegetable spiralizing bandwagon yet? Is it still relatively new, or am I just too late to the party?

Anyway, making noodles out of zucchini is the way to go here. The only thing to keep in mind is that you want to add your zoodles right before serving, so it doesn’t get overcooked.

For this recipe, I used frozen meatballs, but fresh ones will work too. If using frozen meatballs, no need to thaw them. Yay, that’s another bonus!

Don’t be tempted to skip the browning meatballs. It might seem like an extra step, especially because we’re not cooking them through, but it’s an important step in adding flavors. All that brown bits in the pan left after browning are gold, and you want that in your soup!

Speaking of meatballs, you can, of course, use store-bought frozen meatballs. But I like to make a hong kong travel deals big batch from scratch and freeze them. You can find my meatball recipe here. My husband loved the soup, but he wished the meatballs in the soup were smaller. And I totally agree mini meatballs would be fabulous! Next time I make a big batch of meatballs, I’ll make sure to make various sizes!

Well, to make the soup it really doesn’t take much time. From start to finish, it took me about 45 minutes, or less, including chopping the veggies. Here’re the step-by-step photo for you, not that you need it.

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